Welcome to The Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society.



The Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society is a club for water gardeners or "ponders".
Everyone from beginners to the more advanced are welcome. Even professionals can join.

At meetings we have knowledgeable speakers, a question & answer session, a plant table, and refreshments.
Some meetings are held at a Nursery or at a private water garden.

Membership is per calendar year.
$20.00 for a single membership or $25 for family membership, which is two persons of the same household.

For more information please call 416-438-4862 or 905-986-0310.
Or you can contact the club via email at info@onwatergarden.com.

For the address and directions to the Banbury Community Center,
See the google map on the "CONTACT US" page.