Pond Heater/Bubbler For The Winter - Courtesy Peter Gill


Box - 68L Rubber Maid container - is on the side of the pond. It contains the air pump and the bulb.
Styrofoam is placed on top of the box cover and weighted down with two bricks.
Air lines go through the styrofoam sheet floating on the pond. Air stones should be no more than 1 ft below the surface.

bubbler-03      Drawing of Bubbler/Heater

Holes are drilled under the hand grip opposite the pump this allows air into and prevents water entering the box.
The lightbulb heats the air as it flows through the box toward the pump.
The warmed air is then injected into the pond under the styrofoam, aerating the pond and keeping ice from forming.


-15C Jan. 2005

At -25C a covering of frazzile ice is formed. The air flows through this ice.
The styrofoam needs cleaning after a heavy snow fall.
Make sure that the air lines remain above the surface of the water.

Courtesy: Peter Gill - Nestleton, Ontario.